Honda's Hydrogen Vision: CR-V e:FCEV

Honda has introduced a groundbreaking vehicle to the U.S. market with its latest creation, the Honda CR-V e:FCEV. This innovative crossover is not only a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle but also incorporates a rechargeable battery and a charge port, marking a significant advancement in alternative fuel technology.


Flexibility and Range

Similar to Honda's previous fuel-cell models, the FCX and Clarity FCEV, the CR-V e:FCEV will be available exclusively as a lease in California. This decision aligns with California's significant presence of hydrogen refueling stations, although the number of stations has recently seen a decline. To address range anxiety, the e:FCEV features a 17.7-kWh battery, providing an additional 29 all-electric miles, while its hydrogen tanks offer an extra 241 miles of range. Recharging the battery takes under two hours at 240 volts or around 10 hours on 120, while hydrogen refueling is much quicker.


Breaking the Infrastructure Cycle

The CR-V e:FCEV represents Honda's strategy to address the challenge of limited hydrogen refueling infrastructure. By providing an alternative to hydrogen fuel alone, the addition of a rechargeable battery aims to alleviate concerns about range, offering drivers more flexibility and peace of mind.


Design and Assembly

This unique vehicle is based on Honda's popular CR-V crossover, ensuring a wider appeal than the Clarity fuel-cell sedan while blending in seamlessly with California's traffic landscape. The vehicle features a distinctive design, with a lengthened front overhang to accommodate the fuel cell, resulting in a restyled front end with aluminum fenders and hood, a lower hood, and a hexagonal grille opening. The rear fascia is also updated, with water, the only byproduct of the hydrogen-oxygen reaction, exiting inboard of one of the rear wheels.


Interior and Performance

Inside, the CR-V e:FCEV offers a fully digital gauge package, a heated steering wheel, and shift buttons, providing a modern and comfortable driving experience. The vehicle's suspension has been retuned to accommodate its weight distribution, resulting in a smooth and natural steering feel.


The Honda CR-V e:FCEV represents a significant step forward in alternative fuel technology, offering a practical solution to the challenges of hydrogen refueling infrastructure. With its blend of hydrogen fuel-cell and rechargeable battery technology, this innovative crossover provides drivers with a flexible and environmentally friendly driving experience.




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March 26, 2024
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