KBB awards 2019

Posted at Fri, Jul 26, 2019 9:15 AM

Kelley Blue Book puts out annual awards highlighting the achievements of the automobile industry. Diehl Automotive is proud to offer our customers access to these top-rated brands. For complete results for 2019, visit KBB's Awards & Top 10s.


2019 Best Resale Value Award

For the third year in a row, Toyota claimed the title of Best Resale Brand by KBB. Toyota features 10 models winning a resale category or finishing in the top 3. The Tacoma ranked first in overall resale value, followed by the Tundra in third, and the 4Runner in fifth. The Tacoma and Tundra also received top honors in the Best Mid-Size and Full-Size Pickup Truck category, respectively. Toyota holds a strong reputation for delivering customers "high-quality vehicles with excellent quality reliability and durability". For many, this helps keep ownership costs low. 

The 2019 Toyota Highlander took the top spot for Mid-Size SUV/Crossover (3-Row) vehicles. It's perfect for busy families constantly on the go. With three rows and seating for up to eight, the Highlander is ready for your next athletic tournament, vacation, or spontaneous adventure. It earns up to 27 mpg (V6 option) or 30 mpg (hybrid). Like other vehicles in the Toyota family, the Highlander makes safety a top priority. It will automatically apply the brakes if a collision is anticipated and also helps you avoid drifting over lane markings. 

The 2019 Toyota C-HR picked up second place honors for Subcompact SUV/Crossover. The C-HR is tech-forward, packed full of safety features thanks to Toyota Safety Sense, and has a fresh exterior look. The RAV4 also earned silver honors for its resale value as a Compact SUV/Crossover. The RAV4 was completely redesigned in 2019 and brought consumers more off-road capabilities than ever before.

In the Off-Road SUV/Crossover category, the 2019 Toyota 4Runner rounded out the top-3. It stands out as a "tough, truck-based SUV". The Toyota Sienna finished as the second-best Minivan. Known for its comfortability, roomy interior, and proven reliability, families can't go wrong with the Sienna. One of the brand's best-selling vehicles, the Camry, was recognized as the third-best Mid-Size Car. 

KBB says the 2019 Toyota Avalon has "Lexus levels of refinement at Toyota prices". These high praises compared with the vehicles reputation for reliability helped the Avalon land as the second-place finisher for Best Full-Size Car. The Camry Hybrid finished third amongst Best Hybrid Cars. 

2019 Best Brand Image

Midsize trucks are rising in popularity and the Toyota Tundra's credible history helped Toyota earn recognition as the Best Overall Truck Brand in the Best Brand Image Category. This award credits Toyotas outstanding achievements and enthusiasm among new-vehicle buyers towards the brand. 

Best 3-Row SUVs for Families

While the Toyota Highlander holds a longer history than other 3-row SUVs, it continues to impress and remain a pillar of dependability. KBB recognized the Highlander as one of the best 3-row SUVs for families.  

Best Minivans for Families

The Toyota Sienna continues to prove itself and hold its own amongst minivans, earning it a nod from KBB as one of the best minivans for families. 

2019 5-Year Cost to Own

As one of the most affordable hybrid vehicles in the United States, the Toyota Prius C picks up honors as the Best Hybrid Car. The Prius C starts at $22,450 and when combined with its impressive fuel economy (48mpg) and Toyota's dependable reputation, it's no surprise this Hybrid came out on top. Joining the Prius C in first are the Tacoma and Tundra in the Best Mid-Size Pickup and Full-Size categories respectively. 

The Sienna picked up another award as the second-place finisher in the Best Minivan category. Starting at $31,115, the Sienna has a 5-Year Cost to Own of $44,135.

The Toyota 4Runner mixes comfort, with "tough truck capability and rock-solid reliability". It comes at no surprise that the 2019 4Runner finished third amongst Off-Road SUV/Crossovers for 5-Year Cost to Own at $42,271.

In the Mid-Size Car category, the Toyota Camry also picked up third place honors. The Camry's dependable reputation and excellent resale value help it impress in the 5-Year Cost to Own ratings. 

The 2019 Toyota 86 is a head-turning muscle car with an affordable price tag. Its balance, agile, and fun to drive. The 86 was the third-place finisher for Best Sports Cars in the 5-Year Cost to Own category. 


2019 Best Resale Value

Featuring a fuel-saving hybrid version, the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica earned third place honors as the Best Minivan. Its timeless style is "complemented by abundant tech and an attractive base price". 

Best Minivans for Families

With a longstanding reputation and class-leading technology, the Chrysler Pacifica is one of the best out there. KBB recognizes it as one of the best minivans for families.


2019 Best Resale Value

Having continued to improve and impress year after year, the 2019 Dodge Charger was named the Best Full-Size Car. Available as a rear- or all-wheel-drive sedan, the Charger's many trim levels make it one of the best. It displays a "rowdy, all-American bravado backed up by a team of powerful engine options". The Charger features a roomy interior and great handling, whether you're shopping the V6-equpped SXT or the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 with 707 horsepower. 

The 2019 Dodge Durango earned second place honors in the Mid-Size SUV/Crossover (2-Row) category. The two rows offered Dodge consumers plenty of cargo room and was matched with an affordable starting price at under $30,000. 

2019 Best Brand Image

Dodge received top honors in the Brand Image Award Category as the Best Styling Brand. Even though it was a first-time winner in this category, "its vehicles' designs were inspired by decades of muscle car legacy and attitude". From the bold muscle of the Challenger to the spacious Durango, there's a Dodge for every driver. 

2019 5-Year Cost to Own

It's no surprise that after being recognized as the Best Full-Size Car for its resale value that the 2019 Dodge Charger would earn honors in the 5-Year Cost to Own category. The Charger finished second thanks to its impressive engine, retro style, and low ownership costs. 


2019 Best Resale Value

The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee held its own and finished third among Mid-Size SUV/Crossover (2-Row) vehicles. The Grand Cherokee is "rugged yet comfortable and powerful yet refined". It offers consumers a confidence for their travels, no matter the distance or terrain. 

The iconic Jeep Wrangler Unlimited soared to the top of the list for best Off-Road SUV/Crossover. The 2019 Wrangler features improved ride quality and fuel economy, with added technology and safety features. Jeep faithfuls are loving the SUV's iconic look and large interior. In the KBB expert review, critics acknowledge that there is more to the Wrangler than its "open-air, off-road adventuring", it now comes complete with convenience and civility. Like its predecessor, the Wrangler is expected to continue to holding a high resale value. In second place was the 2-door Wrangler. 

2019 5-Year Cost to Own

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler's strong resale value, impressive technology, and off-road capabilities push this SUV to the top of the Best Off-Road SUV/Crossover list. It quickly gets over nearly any obstacle while providing drivers a refreshingly smooth on-road experience compared to past models. Whether your Wrangler has its top off or is being a bit more modest, this SUV has impressive 5-Year Cost to Own numbers at $35,330. The Wrangler Unlimited comes in at a close second at $37,741. It highlights all the above features with added room for passengers and cargo.


2019 Best Auto Tech Awards

With any modern vehicle, advanced technology is becoming increasingly important. Drivers want an enhanced driving experience without compromising safety. The 2019 RAM 1500 was awarded the Best Mainstream Brand for Auto Tech. RAM uses technology to improve enhance safety, while creating a more efficient and luxurious ride. Adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure, a 360-degreee surround-view camera, and guidance assist for parallel parking help create a safer ride for drivers. When it's time to tow, "connect your trailer to the RAM and within seconds the truck automatically determines the length of the trailer". The blind-spot monitoring safety feature will expand at this point to ensure that your trailer is also safe. The RAM 1500 features a 12-inch reconfigurable touch screen that immediately wows consumers. Monitor your cabin's temperature, select your favorite tunes, find your way to your next vacation destination, and much more with ease. The large display helps keep your eyes off the screen and on the road. The RAM 1500's smart, intuitive tech made it a much more capable model than its predecessor.

2019 5-Year Cost to Own

The RAM 1500 finished third amongst Full-Size Pickup Trucks with a 5-Year Cost to Own amount of $49,525. As one of the most popular and luxurious trucks on the market today, its no surprise the RAM 1500 continues to earn honors and receive praise from critics.


2019 Best Resale Value 

The 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe received top honors as the Best Full-Size SUV/Crossover with a towing capacity of over 8,500 pounds. The Tahoe can accommodate large families, has interior Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, and a rolling entertainment center. This SUV has a distinct modern look and boasts a V8 under the hood. KBB compares its spacious interior to a luxury SUV, especially in the Premier trim. The Premier trim comes complete with a wireless charging station, heated/ventilated front seats, handsfree liftgate, and a dual-screen Blu-ray rear-seat theater. Your family is ready for anything in this capable full-size SUV. 

The Silverado HD was named best Full-Size Pickup Truck (Heavy-Duty). If work or play demands heavy-lifting, this is the HD truck for you. The Silverado HD can carry over 6,000 pounds of payload and tow over 23,000 pounds. All of this can be done without a commercial driver's license by the way. The Silverado HD comes standard with a 6.0-liter gasoline-powered V8. The diesel option was entirely redesigned and offers drivers up to 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. It's refined and efficient and also operates at lower speeds to increase reliability, potentially reducing repair costs. Complete with a quiet cabin, precise steering, and a comfortable suspension, the Silverado HD is perfect for every day driving as well. 

With its best in-class towing capability, the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado offers boastable off-road chops, has an available diesel engine, and a wide-variety of trim levels. The Colorado was named third best Mid-Size Pickup Truck. The Silverado 1500 finished third in the Full-Size Pickup Truck category thanks to its wide range of trim levels and engines. 

Best 3-Row SUVs for Families

The 2019 Chevrolet Traverse is roomy, versatile, and comfortable. KBB calls it the modern-day version of the family station wagon and names it one of the best 3-row SUVs on the market. 

2019 5-Year Cost to Own

For the 8th straight year, the Chevrolet Impala has been named the Best Full-Size Carin the KBB 5-Year Cost to Own category. It starts at $28,000 and, when fully equipped, can reach $40,000. The sedan is stylish, comfortable, and offers drivers an abundance of modern technology. The 2019 Impala includes built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi spot. It's no wonder the Impala continues to reign supreme in the 5-Year Cost to Own category for Full-Size Cars.

The 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe is a "powerful, versatile full-size SUV". With room for up to nine and impressive towing capability, the Tahoe received second-place honors for the Best Full-Size SUV/Crossover for 5-Year Cost to Own at $60,588. 

The Colorado ranks second amongst Mid-Size Pickup Trucks with a 5-Year Cost to Own of $39,249.

Chevrolet also received nods in the Best Electric Vehicle category thanks to the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV. With 238 miles of ranger per charge and a spacious interior, the Bolt EV offers low cost-to-own value and finished third among electric vehicles at $38,156.


Best 3-Row SUVs for Families

The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas was named one of KBB's Best 3-Row SUVs for families. The Atlas offers the best warranty amongst its competitors and also is the most spacious. 


2019 5-Year Cost to Own

The Mitsubishi Outlander boasts an impressive 5-year ownership cost above other SUVs making it the KBB Best Mid-Size SUV/Crossover (3-Row). With a starting price at $24,695, the Outlander is one of the most affordable SUVs on the market. Mitsubishi's 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain gives owners long-term confidence in their vehicle. The Outlander optional V6 is the KBB recommended powertrain of choice for families. It is the "only vehicle in its class to offer a plug-in hybrid" option. No matter the trim level, 3-row/7-passenger seating, heated front seats, and dual-zone climate control come standard. You can outfit your Outlander with Mitsubishi's Super All-Wheel Control, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning.