Fourth of July Traditions

Posted at Wed, Jul 3, 2019 3:30 PM

The history of America wouldn't be the same without the automotive industry. Although the automobile was not invented here, Americans quickly dominated the industry and made it their own. Automobiles had a significant impact in our history and they continue to shape how we live today. 

So, during this Fourth of July holiday, we want to pay tribute to those who helped us get where we are today (literally). 

Whether you're driving to the Fourth of July celebration downtown or packing up and heading to the lake for the weekend, remember figures like Henry Ford and the Dodge Brothers who paved the way for your modern-day vehicles and their ability to take you where they do.   

To complete your patriotic adventure, you'll need to check out the Jeep Cherokee. This redesigned SUV was voted the most American car for the second year in row according to The Cherokee, made in Belvidere, Illinois, is made up of 72% domestic parts. The Cherokee offers the ability to take on any terrain while also giving you a more polished look on the inside, making it perfect for dirt roads or city streets, proving that it’s just about as American as it gets.  

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