Father's Day 2019

Posted at Wed, Jun 12, 2019 4:30 PM

It happens every year and, regardless if you’re celebrating old traditions or starting new ones, Father’s Day is a great day for celebration.

Dads offer a level of wisdom and protection that is unmatched; moms, you still have your importance (and your day) so don’t worry, but today is dad’s day. He can forget about the chores he’s been asked to do but hasn’t since its sometimes in one ear and out the other. Dads can also sometimes feel underappreciated, so Father's Day is the perfect reminder that they are far more important than they sometimes may think.  

At Diehl there are two vehicles that are perfect for fathers, especially this time of year. The RAM 1500 is a great choice since it allows for the whole family to pack up and take that trip that’s been discussed time and time again. With ample room for the whole family and everything you’ll need to bring with you. The towing capacity allows for that boat that hasn’t been on the water in years, or the dirt bikes or quads that have been sitting in the garage. Go check out that trail you always drive past, or the fishing spot you can’t quite get to from the shore. Let’s not forget about the tailgating opportunities for those big games. 

The second car that comes to mind is the one that makes your dad feel less like a dad. A Dodge Charger is the perfect choice to make your dad feel cool again. Especially if the V8 option is chosen to make it the coolest sedan ever. With plenty of leg room and a fun exterior, he will be riding around in both comfort and style. Don’t worry though, moms. The charger offers a big back seat and an abundance of room in the trunk, so your husband won’t forget he has kids or that bag of soccer balls he needs to bring to the next game.  

If dad already has the car of his dreams, there are ways you can surprise him by treating his beloved with a fresh clean detail or getting a jump on routine maintenance. Click here to setup an appointment to get it all nice and polished up for the day's adventures. Or click here to get that oil change, tire rotation, or those new brakes to make sure you get there safe and sound. 

Happy Father’s Day from everyone here at Diehl Automotive!