New Years Resolutions for your Vehicle in 2020

Posted at Fri, Dec 27, 2019 4:15 PM

It’s about that time. Who’s ready to proclaim ‘New Year, New Me’ for all of social media to see and then proceed to do the exact same things they did last year? 

While the typical resolutions include goals like hitting the gym more, quitting an addictive habit, volunteering, and learning something new, we want to encourage you to add some automotive-related goals to your list.

We don’t mean every person out there needs to put ‘buy a new car from Diehl Automotive’ on their list for 2020 – even though that would be awesome and we would not complain. We’re talking about better automotive care in 2020. How many times do you catch yourself crossing your fingers that you won’t run out of gas or praying that your ‘Check Engine Light’ was just tripped on accident and means nothing? Yeah, we thought so. We’re not judging. We’ve all been there. Especially during the Winter when the last thing you want to do is pump gas in the cold or fork out a ton of money on a vehicle repair. 

But just because we get it, doesn’t mean we can’t give you some encouragement to do a little better in 2020.

Here are some automotive-related New Year’s Resolutions to add to your list:

Detail your ride

Whether you take it to a local shop or have the skills to detail your vehicle yourself, we strongly encourage regularly detailing your vehicle. A lot of debris gets into your vehicle, whether from pets, kids, friends, etc. A clean vehicle will help bring some pride back to your ride and help you feel like you’ve got your life in order at least a little bit.


Regular oil changes

This is a big one. We hear a lot of “oh I figured I could push it just a little longer and be fine” throughout the year and then a bigger issue is revealed mid oil change and we have to turn around and be the bad guys. By regularly getting your oil changed at Diehl Automotive, you’re also getting regular multi-point inspections. This means you are staying on top of your vehicle’s health. If there’s something our technicians have even the slightest concern about, we’re going to tell you. We call this preventative maintenance. This means that while your vehicle may not need something right now, if you do move forward with the service, it could save you a costlier repair in the future. So stay on top of your oil changes for the sake of your vehicle and your safety.


Put away your phone

We know this can be hard. You’re just changing the song or checking your GPS. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye so we all need to be more careful. With the technology in newer vehicles, it’s easier than ever to limit the amount of time spent on your device. By hooking up your smart phone to your vehicle, you can use voice control and buttons on the steering wheel to manage your driving playlists, respond to messages, and more. We’ve all seen the commercials and public service announcements and they’re true, it can wait. No selfie or tweet is worth losing your life for. Avoid distractions as much as you can to keep you and your family safe.


Learn basic automotive skills

Take the initiative to learn basic automotive skills in 2020. Learn how to jump a vehicle and invest in a set of jumper cables if you don’t already have some. We also suggest a portable jump starter as well. They’re extremely helpful in a bind when no other vehicles are around. You do need to make sure they are charged of course because they’re no use to you if they’re dead. Being able to put on a spare tire is another skill we highly recommend. Roadside assistance is amazing but the demand can be high and if you have some basic skills, you can get yourself back on the road in no time!