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  • Das Auto – Reinvented

    “Life’s as big as you make it.” As we all know, Volkswagen has been going through a few issues lately. However, they plan on coming back stronger than ever. With the recalls rolling and problems being resolved, VW knew that they needed to expand their brand and gain more trust from their consumers. They will…

  • Ugly, Horrible, and Otherwise Crappy Cars: A Roast

    I love cars, man. I love how they look, smell, feel, drive and just sit. It’s why I work in the car business. It’s one of the reasons I love coming to work. (I also love that I actually get paid to write crazy things like this. Woopeee!) But some cars are harder to love….

  • Family Values

    You’ll have to excuse Brandon Grossman if coming to work every day reminds him of returning to his boyhood home. Not only did Grossman, a finance manager at Diehl Automotive in Butler, practically grow up at the dealership, his office at work is literally surrounded by family members. The office to Grossman’s right is occupied…